Amazon Quiz Time Questions Answers (31 May 2021) Win Rs-50000

Amazon Quiz Time Questions Answers (31 May 2021) Win Rs-50000

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Today Amazon Quiz Time Questions Answers (31 May 2021) As Below :

Question No 1: Which of the following government bodies have recently launched the ‘National Nursery Portal’?

Answer No 1: National Horticulture Board (A)

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Question No 2: Germany has recently pledged to return the Benin Bronzes, a group of historical objects, to which African country?

Answer No 2: Nigeria (A)

Question No 3: The ACM AM Turing Award is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of what?

Answer No 3: Computing (B)

Question No 4: This animal is nearly undetectable by which of these, due to their transparent fur?

Answer No 4: Infrared cameras (B)

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Question No 5: What was James Christie’s profession?

Answer No 5: Auctioneer (C)

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How to Play Amazon Quiz Contest?

  • Download Amazon App from Google Play Store or iOS.
  • Open Amazon App and Sign up using mobile number and email address. If you are already Signing up then Sign in.
  • Click on Menu following Program and Features or Scroll Down And Click On FunZone.
  • Click On Daily Event and Play Now.
  • There will be a START button followed by questions.
  • Answer all the questions correctly given above to win Amazon Exiting Prizes.
  • You can check your Prizes from Lucky Draw Winner.

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