Mr. Mohan K (Site Founder and chief editor)

Blog founded year:

In 2019 blog created and published.

Founder story:

Mr. Mohan K is a small level software developer in the field since 2002 with APTECH Software Company and some data development departments like NJ funds Company. From the higher secondary college days itself, Mr. Mohan K has a person in passion for internet surfing, blogging, YouTube'r and he was earning good income from blogging and YouTube'r, which made him discontinue his fast side business. He is one of the best start up blogs in India to revolution in the field internet as well as world. His blogging career started in 2008. He trains top topics like blogger on blogging, SEO, amazon affiliate marketing through his courses. He is a speaker at various conferences like Digital Marketing Conference by Aadeshwar, Dewsoft software companies and more. He is also an a entrepreneur.

Content covered:

Tips and Tricks, Amazon daily quiz answers, Flipkart daily quiz answers, Current financial NEWS, Affiliate marketing tips, Current Market Sales, Discount Coupons, Amazing Shoping Deals, Promotional Codes, Apps promo codes, Startups, digital educating tips, product trails, offering giveaways, discovering new gadgets and much more.


Blogging, Google NEWS, Digital Training Courses, Google Ad Sense, WordPress, NEWS partnership, Amazon Affiliate marketing, QUIZ Contests, Discount Coupons, Amazing Deals, Ditital Tips & Tricks, giveaways and other collaborations.

Our vision :

The information provided by gotwogk.com for general informational and educational purposes only. All information on this site is provided in good faith and educational purpose only.

In whole thing about to say (www) world wide web information and knowledge is in your hand its only give you World Wide Web pages and apps.

Knowledge and information is important and integral part of our life and we work harder to prepared exotic insights about everything you need. We want to change the path of right goal to archive. We publishing and circulating valuable information to you and all visitor platform is known as internet. Our web pages make work get faster to grow with financialy, current knowledge, fastest answers and more information you must needed.

Another side we publishing India’s best prediction quiz related game answers asking from amazon and flipkart apps also to test the knowledge of an individual on various topics like Discount coupons, Amazon quiz answers, Flipkart quiz answers and best deals of shoping Apps and Websites. In 2019, the "Go Two Gk" helpfull platform was launched as India’s best Quiz and Prediction as well as Marketing Shoping made easy. It is also one of the earliest platforms to launch LIVE prediction games answers and quiz's. The most unique proposition of this platform is the concept of changing readers thingking which makes the game's answers and information far more exciting than every other copitator these platform.

Last thing gotwogk.com also launch "NEWS" partnership for our visitors.

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