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At "Go Two Gk" we are always on a lookout for new trending, daily quiz updates, innovative and interesting articles.

If you have the requesting to write and are inclined towards providing quality content then we have the platform for you.

If you have what it takes to be an excellent writer of words, then send your article to our contact us page to be under publish and publish by our source author throughout the world.

If you want to join the team you can also send your resumes to contact us page.

Quick check guide for articles:

  • Accurate and factual articles: First rule accurate and factual this is often the first and most vital rule of our website and app.
  • If you summited article is not relevant, factual and google index researched as well as written in proper "English" grammatically, it won’t get accepted and published.
  • Written by you with none of it plagiarized from elsewhere. (Note: We always countercheck this before accepting a piece of writing articles.)

Educational information and entertaining: 

  • So illustrating some interesting fact, historical event, or the like, while not reading like a dictionary, SEO related topics and website ranking article's.
  • Not published elsewhere on the web. (published elsewhere during a magazine, book, or the likes of is OK, goodbye as you continue to own the rights to the article; please tell us if it’s been published in one of these places and where/when). However, we aren't very strict on this policy.
  • Minimum word count: 1000-2000 or more words.
  • There shouldn't be any grammatical mistakes within the articles or page.
  • Misleading and malware: If any unauthorize or adult websites links redirectors' to any third party weblinks and malware creation site or including malware creation links, codes and tags are strictly prohibited in this site, we are taking action against those author or relevance.


Does "Go Two Gk" accept already published articles?

Yes, we do sometimes, only if they are interesting and have some over the edge content match our website.

How can submit an article?

You can simply send us the articles and relevant information to our contact us page. We will do the rest.

Can I be a regular contributor to "Go Two Gk"?

Yes, you can be a regular contributor, just get in touch with our editor at contact us page and we will fix it up for you and your further incentive or publishing himself links and backlinks.

What is "Go Two Gk" looking for in a contributory article?

Articles in simple English language, which is easy to read and the article should have all the facts right. "Go Two Gk" is all about daily updates like amazon quiz or event answers, flipkart quiz and event answers, affiliate related, SEO related article's, technology related and trending topic's. So one can choose from these subject of fields to write in. In addition, the articles should be unique subject and relevance to our website.

Do I get paid for submitting an article?

We initially do not pay the author's for contribution article's. However, we can re-publish your article on the site with proper credits. That being said, we do have some paid slots for normal industry freelancers. You can also become a regular author for "Go Two Gk" site hence we will qualify upcoming days in future if they are become trusty and humble author/ contributor.

Do I get a byline for my articles?

Yes, we are sum time's in favor of giving proper credit's. If you are a regular article's contributor we will put you in under the author's page as well.

Anything else?

Sometimes we do change a part of the article or the headline to suit the style of our website or as category listed. So if you see these changes do not be alarmed. Also, contributors are not staff writers; so regrettably we do not give them fully author's right or "Go Two Gk" press credentials. If we realize any irregularities in your articles we will terminate your contribution or author any time without any advance notice or information to you. If any quarry privacy policies and disclaimer related please visit and review all documents carefully before submitting your article's.

If any queries?

Please ask any query or information trough contact us page in footer or manu bar.

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